Saturday, June 12, 2004

New Journal 

Ok, here we go. Blogger really sucks. That's a reason why I discontinued this diary. And now they even messed up my old posts. However, I do have a new diary: Eurochikan - The new Chikan Diary. Comments welcome as usual!

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Some answers 

Gerry posted a comment with a few questions, I will answer them in this blog entry.
Have you looked at Ayashi bbs?
Yes, I periodically check the postings there. For those who don´t know, Ayashi is some kind of chikan message board.
Do you know any chikan video sources?
I found some japanese train groping stuff on Overnet, but I didn´t consider those videos much of a turn on.
Do you chikan negresses?
Sure, I do if I get the opportunity. There are not many black people over here, but the few there are often have a great rack and a very prominent booty.
What's you titty feeling technique?
I found the best way to go for the tits to grab a holding pole on chest level when there is a woman standing next to it. Sometimes she will get close enough that you can accidentally stretch out your fingers to land on her tits. In general, it´s easier to go for the lower body though.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

An average ride 

This morning the bus was pleasantly filled, but not crowded. I soon noticed a girl with tight pants and a full round butt. Unfortunately she was out of my reach. A few stops later passengers rearranged, and I got her standing next to me. She was about 18 years, 5'7'', brunette with a pretty face. I bumped my hand against her buttocks several times, but she was rather evasive, so I did not manage to get a really good feel. A little frustrated I decided to go for the front crotch of a schoolgirl standing left of me. She was cute and kinda innocent looking. Unfortunately she had a rather long jacket with zipper closed, and I couldn´t get my hand right in place. I considered to get under that jacket, but decided that might be too agressive. Instead I felt her up through the jacket. She didn´t seem to mind, as I noticed no reaction from her. Guess I should check her out again when the weather gets warmer.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Nice to meet this girl again! 

There is a girl who once was a regular on my morning bus, and I was allways horny for her. Hadn´t seen her for some months, and thought she moved away or took another route. She´s a mid twenties turkish girl, rather short (maybe 5'4'') and full figured but not plump. She has an awesome round ass and often wears very tight pants. I never had the chance to feel her up though. This morning, I was surprised to see her in my bus. Even better, when she left at her station, I had her in front of me for about half a minute, allowing me to get a feel of this great arse. I didn´t go all out, since the bus was not really crowded, but I got a good feel of her buttocks. The material of her pants was rather light, and her cheeks just felt great. She didn´t seem to mind either, as she had all the space in the world to move away, but she just kept standing there. I sure do hope to see and feel her more often again.
Later I found my hand on the jeans clad buttocks of a tall blonde, around 18 or 19 years old, but she wasn´t really fun. The ride home didn´t offer anything worthwile either.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Another Crotch 

Seems like I still get read, since I got a few new comments. I would like to post more often, but these are real life happenings I post here. It involves a little luck to experience stuff worth posting, and I don´t have this kind of luck every day. I might try to post the less significant stuff too, so there will be more updates here.
Yesterday, I had a rather lucky ride home though. For some reason, the bus got unusally crowded. I could just avoid getting caught in a group of guys, and got in between two girls with backpacks on. To my right was a tiny blonde, about 16 years old, facing away from me. To the left was a turkish girl, maybe 14 and a little plump, who was facing me. Since the backpack avoided getting to the blonde girl, I used my right hand to get hold on a pole, and to try my left hand on the turkish girl. As the bus started to move, I reached her crotch rather quickly. I noticed from the corner of my eyes that she looked down at my hand a few times, so I was sure she was noticing. I just looked out of the window like nothing happened, and felt rather confident she would not complain. I got a little more daring, and used my index finger to explore. She was wearing rather heavy jeans, so there was not much details to feel. I could find the skin fold between tigh and pubic area though, and I sensed the warmness of her cunt with my finger. After about five minutes, the crowd thinned out, and she got a few steps away from me.
I was hoping to fuck my girlfriend that night, but she was not in the mood, so I had a good jack off myself instead, thinking about that cute cunt I fingered in the bus.

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