Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Nipples on the bus 

I took a different route to work today, ending with a bus-trip from the railway station to my workplace. The train kinda sucked, nothing worthwhile to report. When I got into the bus I was the first person, and guessed this was not my day. I took a seat with an opportunity for someone to sit opposite me. First a hot blonde with miniskirt entered, but she sat away from me. Some more people got in, and finally a blonde, mid 40, hot looking woman in a beige business suite with a white t-shirt underneath sat opposit me. Then the bus started, and I enjoyed looking at that woman. To my surprise she then decided to take off her jacket, and that was a winner. Her white t-shirt was very thin, and kinda tight. She had good tits and obviously wasn´t wearing any bra. Her nipples were pointy and clearly visible through the shirt. Awesome sight! I stared at her nipples, but she didn´t seem to mind and took a nap, so I stared some more. Tits were bouncing a little as the bus rocked it´s way. She left one station before I had to leave too. First thing I did at work was have a jack off on the toilet, this bitch was great.
Ride home was not spectacular, there were a few women in short skirts, but I didn´t get in a position to view or feel anything special.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Not much to report this weekend. Saturday afternoon I went shopping with my cunt, weather was good and clothes light, but my peeking was handycapped as I was "under supervision", lol. At least she let me fondle her tits in a changing booth while she tried some underwear (we agreed it looked good and bought it) and managed to get a panty upskirt view of some pretty blonde while we stopped to have an ice cream. When we got home I got a handjob, which wasn´t all that bad.
In the evening we went to a birthday party, but none of the chicks offered a really good view. Pretty disappointing, as one of them often wears great revealing blouses, and I´ve had a good view at her cleavage before, but not this day.
This morning I fucked my girlfriend the first time this week, as she just got off her period. As she hasn´t been done for a while, and as far as I know didn´t masturbate she was pretty horny and made some good noise. Screwed her for about 10 Minutes missionary style, before we both got off. I stayed home the rest of the day, so nothing more to tell about.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Sunny day 

Great, everything seems to work, so I´ll just post todays happenings. Weatherforecast was good today, so I went off to work with anticipation of short skirts and wide open shirts. Started with the bus, which turned out to be quite poor. There are two schoolgirls I like to touch on the bus, but this time I was in the rear part and they were in the front. Nothing else worthwile either.
Switched to the train then, but didn´t manage to position myself near any interesting women. So I decided to leave this train halfway at work and wait for the next one. Waiting at the station I noticed a women with a very short jeans skirt. Just had to get her, and indeed managed to get the seat opposite her. Unfortunately she left her bag over her knees all the time, so I didn´t get to see her panties. The shirt was short enough to reveal a large part of the side of her tighs though. Good enough to give me a hard on.
Weather was great indeed, and it got very hot in the afternoon, so I decided to leave work early and tour around a little. I got a seat opposite a sexy looking, maybe 40 yo woman, who decided to take a nap. Dress was average, didn´t reveal too much, but at least she was sitting in a way I could see her armpits. I stared at her quite a bit, getting kinda turned on. To the right sat a girl, around 20, which seemed to notice me looking up this woman and actually seemed to smile about it. Nice. I decided to switch trains anyway and got up early, so I could try to get a downblouse of the sleeping woman from behind. Actually the view from behind was better than I expected, she had small titties, no bra and I could allmost see down to her nipples.
Next train was nearly empty and boring, so I got off after three stations.
Looking around the station I figured I was out of luck, but when the next train arrived, I noticed a pretty hot italian looking woman, about 30. Managed to get the seat opposit her - Great view. She was wearing sunglasses, a shirt which was unbuttoned at the bottom, revealing her bellybutton and thin pants, that were tight enough to make me fantasize about her labia. I guess she noticed me looking at her crotch and belly rather soon, but she didn´t seem to mind. She even moved her shirt in a way that revealed some more of her tummy, and she rested her hand on her pussy. After some time she did the unexpected: She started to massage her inner tigh, not her cunt, but damn near to it. She did this for about 30 seconds, staying completely cool. My girlfriend has her period, so I didn´t have sex for some days and haven´t masturbated either, so my balls were loaded. I had to really concentrate on not cumming in my pants (I know from experience that this can get pretty embarrassing in a train). After a few stations she left. What a hot bitch, lol
On the bus home I got a miniskirter opposit me, but she didn´t reveal. Well, I was still thinking about the bitch on the train anyway.

Welcome to the Chikan-Blog 

"Chikan" is the japanese word for a pervert who gets off on groping or rubbing against women and girls in Tokyo´s overcrowded subways.
Since I live in Europe, where subways and trains are not nearly as crowded, I rarely get the opportunity to really rub against any females. I do enjoy riding the bus and railroad a lot though, trying to get some nice downblouse or upskirt views, and sometimes even a nice feel or rub. Sometimes I ride back and forth a few times just for the purpose of sexual gratification. If you are like me, or you are simply interested in this matter, you might enjoy this diary I am keeping.

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