Thursday, August 14, 2003

Holidays are evil 

Saw another pair of panties today, this time they were black, on a sluttish looking brunette woman, but no cunt and no nipples in sight. Currently we have school holidays, so the trains never get really crowded. I hope to be able to engage in some groping and feeling up again when those holidays are over.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Asian women rule 

I had the opportunity to enjoy two more asian women today. As I wrote in my last post, I prefer asian women for several reasons, and if I have the opportunity to choose between an asian and an european woman, I will allways go for the asian one.
The first one was about 20 years old and wearing a pretty short skirt. She sat with her legs parallel, not crossed, which is a good start. I found a place diagonally opposite her, but decided my view wasn´t good enough. So I moved over to sit directly opposite her. I guess by this I made my intention pretty clear, but I could see on her face that she did not feel offended. However, she also refused to spread her legs farther, and my view didn´t make all the way to her panties. This was a cute girl anyway, and I liked the encounter a lot.
On the ride back I took the diagonal to another asian, around 30. She didn´t have a very pretty face, but great legs. At first I thought she was wearing a skirt, but it turned out to be briefs. She had her legs crossed and strechtched out in a way that I didn´t dare to take the seat directly opposite her, as she was occupieing that room with her legs, and the train wasn´t all that full. She was taking a nap, and to my amazement some people left at the next station, so that nobody had a direct view on us. After double checking her eyes were really closed, I grabbed my dick and started stroking. Our legs were just inches apart, and her face about a meter away from me, and doing this turned me on a lot. Well, after about 3 minutes her mobile rang, and I quickly moved my hand away from my dick. My station was aproaching anyway, and I decided to leave her and get home.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Well, another hot and sunny day. This morning I had an appointment at 11.00 AM, and since there was not much to do beforehand, I decided to drive back and forth with the train a few times. The trains were not crowded enough to get into any touching or groping, but there were lots of miniskirts and pretty legs around. I got to see two pairs of panties, one belonging to a brunette on a train who sat opposite me (around 20, offered two very short flashes of her panties), and one of a black haired girl around the same age, who sat at the station in a way that her panties were clearly visible under her skirt. Both had plain white panties, no string or anything fancy. One Asian woman around 25 offered a great view of her partly spread legs, but I couldn´t manage to view all the way to her panties. Same with a woman around 40 years, who sat opposite me a good 15 minutes. She wasn´t pretty at all, her tits were almost unnoticable and her legs were not shaved. She did give me the best erection today though: She had a rather short skirt, sitting opposite me her legs just a little appart. She obivously noticed me trying to look up her skirt and smiled, even chuckled a few times. Later she spread her legs further, letting me see around 95% of her inner tighs, yet I couldn´t position myself to actually see up to her panties or pussy. She however smiled and chuckled some more, obviously enjoying to tease me.
On a side note: Asian women are great fun, they are almost allways beautiful, they tend to dress sexy and they seem to tolerate a lot of peeking and even touching if it´s possible. Guess it´s no wonder the art of chikan was originally developed in Japan.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Well, sorry for not posting for some time, but it´s been that hot over here, I couldn´t get my lazy butt on the computer.
Trains haven´t been to crowded either lately, guess people are avoiding crowded places in hot weather. Best experience these days I had with a woman around 35-40. She had blonde, curly hair, was pleasantly plump and wearing nice tight clothes. I sat opposite her as I thought she looked sexy, but at first she didn´t seem to reveal too much. I kept looking at her tits and plump tummy anyway and did get a hard on as I watched her tits bounce a little with the movement of the train. She must have noticed, because suddenly one of her nipples got hard and started to show through her top! She then took a magazine out of her bag and started reading, but her nipple remained hard. I really enjoyed that look. After a while she rested the magazine in her lap, put one hand under the mag and looked out of the window with a dreamy look. I could see by the muscles in her forearm that she was somehow moving her hand. God knows what she did under that mag *g*
She left the train two stations before I had to leave. I then went to my favorite departments stores toilet to do my business. That was another great ride!

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