Monday, September 29, 2003

Redhead ass 

Today I caught another reasonable crowded bus. I noticed a pretty girl around 18, with short, fiery red hair. She wore a blue top, which was short enough to reveal part of her tummy and tight blue jeans. She was standing too far away to get into touch though. After moving myself out of a group of boys I slung my arm around a vertical pole, my hand casually landing on a black schoolgirls breast. She had a rather thick jacket though, and the feeling wasn´t all that great. She moved away soon anyway.
A few stops later I managed to get near the redhead, actually behind her. I was happy to find out she wasn´t wearing any backpack, and I could get my hand right at the middle of her butt, with my hard cock pressing against her right buttock. Got a good feel, and my cock grew very hard in this time, but I didn´t finger her as good as the other girl last week, as I was not sure of her reaction. I was able to keep this position for about two minutes, before the bus got too empty to continue with this. She looked back at me then, maybe to find out who touched her butt. Her expression was rather emotionless. Two stops later she left the bus, and I didn´t get any good views or feels anymore either.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Finger up the butt 

According to local weather forecast, today would be the last warm day for a while. I had the opportunity to take the afternoon off again, and decided to try and catch some of the schoolgirls on their way home. In the train nothing worth mentioning happened. The bus was rather empty in the beginning, but when it stopped at one of the larger schools around, it got crowded big time. I hoped to get some arm humping with one of several cute teens, but instead found a place standing behind three cute girls. One was tiny, black haired, turkish looking, one brunette and tiny too, and one blonde, a little plumpish. I decided to go for the turkish, which looked rather nice to me, and found a position, where I had my dick against her forearm. Got a nice feel, and I also managed to get my hand on her butt. There was however no chance to get my dick to her hand. The next stop some more people got in, and I ended up out of reach of that girl, but with my left hand right on the buttocks of the blonde one. She was wearing rather light jogging pants, and I could clearly feel her buttcrack. I decided to stay with her, as this felt rather good. I moved my hand a little between her buttocks, and watched her reaction - nothing. She was happily making fun with her friends. So I tried to get my dick there instead, but only managed to rub it against the buttocks, but not inside the crack. I decided to go back to finger mode. For about 5 minutes I fingered her asscrack good, and it seemed as if she´d even push back a little. Then the bus went empty, and the girls got out of reach. That sure was a good one, I´ll have to take this bus again soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

One hell of a ride 

Ok, I´m up early today, so I´ll just post yesterdays happenings. I had some great rides. The weather was good, though a bit chilly in the morning. In the bus I tried to get a good spot for some armhumping sitting girls, as I found this to be a nice technique yesterday. Unfortunately I missed, got stuck between some guys and couldn´t do anything useful for the next minutes. Finally I had the opportunity do decently reposition myself into a group of standing girls, I got really close to a cutie for some minutes and actually had her hand brush my dick a few times. The train to work didn´t have anything good to offer though.
On the ride back I found a seat opposite a gothic chick, around 20 years old, who was wearing a short black dress with fishnet stockings. She had big firm tits, which were tattooed all over, and a pretty face. I had a great view under her dress for some minutes, she was wearing black lace panties. After some time I guess she thought I had seen enough and put her bag on her lap, blocking my view.
The bus home was a great ride then! First I got to stand near a group of three sitting teen girls, maybe 16 or 17 years. I had my dick rather close to the knee of one of them, but couldn´t manage to get a good contact. A few stations later a plump but pretty younger teen took the place in front of her, and I decided to move forward a little bit, trying to hump her arm. I bumped into her twice, but didn´t get real contact either. I soon noticed though that I could see straight down into her cleavage! She had rather big tits for her age, and I moved around a little to find the best point of view. I could actually see her areolae. The girls behind me seemed to realise what I was doing though, as they started snickering, which even turned me on more. Then the plump girl got up to let out the woman who sat beneath her at the window. I took a step back, she got out right in front of me, and I got a good feel of her butt with my left hand. I´m sure she must have noticed, but she didn´t show any reaction. I then had to change my position to let some guy out of the bus, and the girl was out of range. Anyway, I was happy with what I got. When she left the bus, I could get her to brush her hip against my hand again. Great ride!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Holidays are over 

Well, I know I haven´t posted again for quite some time, but actually, nothing muched happened. If I had posted, I could just as well title this blog "My boring sex life". Ok, did my cunt a few times, but nothing spectacular.
Ok, so school started again on monday, and the busses are noticeably more crowded in the morning. The trains are still too empty to engage in any serious groping yet, but I expect that to change when college starts in about 3 weeks.
The weather is ok, though not superhot, so I started on monday with big expectations. However, I was not able to get any decent view or feel that day. But I went to a sauna with my girlfriend in the evening (for you Americans: In Europe we tend to go there nude), so at least I got to see a few tits. No real good cunt views, although I noticed a pretty blonde with her pussy hair nicely trimmed.
Tuesday started out a little better, as I was at least able to touch two girls butts in the bus (One black haired, one brunette, both around 20. The brunette is a real cutie and a regular on that bus). The rest of the ride turned out to be pretty boring though. In the evening I had a few glasses of wine with my cunt, and fucked her missionary style after that. Actually quite a nice fuck for about 10 minutes.
This morning the bus was a little more crowded. I had a girl pressing her rather big tits against my shoulder for half a minute, before she got out of the bus. Nice! I then managed to position myself in a way I could press my upper arm against another girl´s chest. She was rather small, and her tits not really developed, but I liked that situation anyway. Did this for about 2 minutes before she turned away.
On the ride home today I got the opportunity to do some arm humping on a sexy blonde teen. She was seated, and I stood next to her. Well, humping might not be the right word, but I pushed my hard dick against her shoulder a few times. She didn´t seem to mind, as she just ignored me, typing messages in her mobile. It´s the first time I did this, and it´s actually quite nice. I might try to improve my skills with this technique. The downside is that it might be rather obvious to other passengers what I am doing.

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