Thursday, October 16, 2003

Times are getting harder 

I think I can honestly say that I improved my chikan skills quite a bit over the last weeks of learning this high art of molesting. I am now so far, that I get to feel at least one butt on every crowded bus ride I take. Today I tried armhumping on a fat but reasonably pretty mid 20s woman. Armhumping works rather well on overweight girls, as their body usually goes far enough beyond the seat to get at them. She was talking with another woman sitting behind her, and thus somewhat twisted. I couldn´t manage to get my dick in a good position on her arm. What I found out though was, that her butt was large enough to feel up even while she was sitting down. I could enjoy this new position for a good 5 minutes, and it was fun to discover a new technique. She wore very tight, rather light pants, so I got quite a nice feel.
Unfortunately, winter is really coming now, and girls tend to wear too much clothes. Arm humping is no fun at all, if the woman wears a thick padded jacket, and many are starting to wear long jackets or coats, which protect their behind even more than those bastard backpacks.
How do other chikans deal with this winter problem? It is still possible to find some nice ones with reasonable clothing, but it´s getting harder and harder.

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