Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A few good feels 

Today was a rather lucky day, as I managed to score quite some hits. Weather has become a little warmer (around 13 degrees Celsius) and friendlier, so clothes are lighting up a little again.
On the morning bus I positioned myself behind a very pretty Turkish looking girl, around 18 years old. She had on very tight pants, and her jacket was short enough to allow full access to her behind. She had a bag over her shoulder, but it stayed out of my way. I groped her butt for nearly 15 minutes, and she neither moved away nor into it. I got a good feel, and her cheeks were very firm and felt rather heavy. Unfortunately the fabric of her pants was too rugged to really get into her crack.
The train was more crowded than usual, it seemed that there had been one train missing before. I stood between two college girls, one with a bagpack chatting to her friends, and the other with a long jacket which covered her ass. Due to their protection I was not able to feel a lot, but I got a few contacts to the right buttock of the backpack girl, and tried to feel as much as possible through the jacket of the other one. Neither was a real winner, but they were not too bad either.
The train home carried a good amount of people, but was not full enough to really get into any touching. On the bus I managed to catch the "schools out" line, which is allways pleasantly overcrowded with schoolgirls. I found myself in a good position behind a 19 or 20 year old blonde. She was neither pretty nor ugly, wearing tight, rather light looking pants and a short jacket. Luckily I got pressed against her enough to feel her up good. Had good hand contact to her buttcheeks, and got my hand in between her crack a few times. Allthough she did not move away, she seemed a little nervous, so I did not the 'Thumb on the butthole' press that I sometimes try in a setting like this.

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