Thursday, December 18, 2003

Another Crotch 

Seems like I still get read, since I got a few new comments. I would like to post more often, but these are real life happenings I post here. It involves a little luck to experience stuff worth posting, and I don´t have this kind of luck every day. I might try to post the less significant stuff too, so there will be more updates here.
Yesterday, I had a rather lucky ride home though. For some reason, the bus got unusally crowded. I could just avoid getting caught in a group of guys, and got in between two girls with backpacks on. To my right was a tiny blonde, about 16 years old, facing away from me. To the left was a turkish girl, maybe 14 and a little plump, who was facing me. Since the backpack avoided getting to the blonde girl, I used my right hand to get hold on a pole, and to try my left hand on the turkish girl. As the bus started to move, I reached her crotch rather quickly. I noticed from the corner of my eyes that she looked down at my hand a few times, so I was sure she was noticing. I just looked out of the window like nothing happened, and felt rather confident she would not complain. I got a little more daring, and used my index finger to explore. She was wearing rather heavy jeans, so there was not much details to feel. I could find the skin fold between tigh and pubic area though, and I sensed the warmness of her cunt with my finger. After about five minutes, the crowd thinned out, and she got a few steps away from me.
I was hoping to fuck my girlfriend that night, but she was not in the mood, so I had a good jack off myself instead, thinking about that cute cunt I fingered in the bus.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Front Crotch 

Well, winter has really begun rearing its ugly head, we got well below zero degrees celsius in the morning hours. As a matter of facts, jackets are getting thicker and longer. Once in a while I still manage to get my hand on a decent bun, but the really good opportunities have begun rare.
This morning I was in luck though: Obviously, a train had been cancelled, and the next train was severely overcrowded. I managed to position myself near a slim, blonde girl, I guess around 18 years old. Her front was facing my left side, and her backside was against the wall. Her jacket was rather short, ended around waist level. She looked rather shy, and due to the wall behind her, there was no way for her to move away, so I decided to try my luck at a manouvre, which is commonly considered rather dificult: I moved my hand to her crotch from the front. I didn´t manage to really feel her cunt, but I had my fingers on the inside of her legs, right below the hip. I could keep this position for a good three minutes, and tried to explore a little with my fingers. Then she cleared her throat, rather loud. I guess that was a signal that I had pushed it enough. I didn´t want her to freak out, so I removed my hand for the remaining minute to the next station, where most of the passengers including her alighted.

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